I’m Sarah – a Wisconsin native, lover of – yep, you guessed it – God, Family, and the Green Bay Packers – in that order. I consider my family, friends, and boyfriend to be the best out there. To quote my favorite singer, Eric Church, “I believe hard work really makes the man, but everyone should wet a line every now and then.” Which leads to me to the point of this blog – to share great country music hits.

I know a good, down-home country song when I hear one, and many times those hits aren’t played on the radio. I want to share my country music findings with all of you and hopefully help you discover your next favorite country song (or singer!). I also plan on doing several “Classic Roll-Backs” just to shake the dust off a few golden oldies.


I’m dedicating this first blog to one of my favorite and highly talented artists, Chris Young, and songs off his new album,“AM”.

Start to finish, “AM” feels like a ride through late night bar scenes with a few patches of fragile love and heartache mixed in between. “Aw Naw”, “A.M.”, and “Lighters in the Air” are party anthems that have you begging for a return to your college days with your drinking buddies, while “Forgiveness”, “Goodbye”, and “Text Me Texas” will remind you of a past heart break that you wish would disappear as quickly as that shot of Jack Daniels you just slammed on the bar ledge.

And now…drumroll please…here are my first hit predictions!

“Hold You To It”: Just listen to this song and tell me that you didn’t have a sheepish grin from “Girl, you wear the hell out of that dress” to the last line of “I wanna hold you to it”. Such a feel-good, country song, it reminds me of “I Can Take It From There” off of Chris Young’s third studio album,“Neon,” and leaves your soul smiling. Chris Young’s smooth voice paired with the kick drum and saucy lyrics makes this song my favorite off of the album (and a guaranteed upcoming single – I’ll bet all my chips on that). LISTEN HERE

“Nothin’ But the Cooler Left”: “Here’s to good ole boys and country girls everywhere.” And here’s to a solid beer drinkin’, country music lovin’ party jam. This song will linger on your mind the same way that smell a summertime bonfire stays on your flannel shirt and jeans. My favorite line: “Got my boots on and ready to kick it off, brother. If you’re runnin’ low, holler, “Throw me another!” Well, alright then…twist my arm… LISTEN HERE

“Who I Am With You”: Chris Young, the heart-melter. “Who I Am With You” is another meaningful love song that reminds us all why country guys are the best guys. Grab your sweetie, a bottle of wine, and press play on this song…your night will be one to remember.

“I’ve got a ways to go on this ride, but I got a hand to hold that fits just right…Because of you, I’m a lucky man, and you’re the best part of who I am…”


I’ll wrap it up there for today, folks. Thank you for stopping in, and be sure to come by again for more!

Until next time,



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